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Insure Tech is the complete platform to digitally enable operations of health insurance companies.

From claims management to corporate insurance accounts management, InsureTech does it all. Net result is faster turnaround and thus happier customers 

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Ideal tool for care coordination, best suited for patients with chronic illnesses or with long-term care needs.

WellQ covers all the dimensions of healthcare from medications to doctor appointments to diet to exercising resulting in a better outcome.

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The thickness of file containing one's medical records has a way of growing with age.

MyPHR offers a secure alternative solution by storing all prescriptions, reports and test results in a digital format available anytime anywhere through a mobile app.


About Us


Having worked with the american healthcare system, we found that this trillion dollar industry has been under stress for a long period of time.


Curtailment of benefits to insurance subscribers, reduced payment to healthcare providers and worst of all rampant increase in number of patients with chronic illnesses have been the result despite of spectacular progress in the healthcare sciences & technology.


Evidently, something other than the healthcare technology was wrong. We found that it was do with the scope and definition of care coordination that was the root cause of all the problems. So we decided to do something about it.


Though a patient is at the center of all the healthcare processes, care coordination aka the delivery of healthcare, is controlled and managed by healthcare providers only. This lends itself to dilution of effort because the time & effort available with the doctors is limited. The only choice is to get more people involved in the care coordination process.

Our vision is to use digital technologies to get the patient, their family members and other wellness providers collaborating together in care coordination process thereby upping adherence to treatment plan by the patient and using the doctors for periodic reviews.


Modern digital & mobile technologies have made it very easy for multiple stake-holders to collaborate on a day-to-day basis at varying levels of participation.


SumagoTech believes in using the best mix of currently available technology to build and deliver solutions for the healthcare insurance industry.

As AI comes of age, SumagoTech is committed to enhancing their software platforms to include automation powered by AI.


Who can use our software?

Insurance Companies


Self Insured Employers

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